"...a friend is someone who gives you total freedom
to be yourself..."


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Safety is of the utmost importance to me. Meanwhile keeping your personal information private is always a Top Priority. The information I ask for is strictly used for screening purposes only. If you are unable to provide the needed information or I can not Verify you, We Will NOT Be Able to Meet.  Pre-Booking is strongly suggested because screening may take time. If it is a same day appointment, please call directly after emailing me the required verification.

Thank you for understanding.

FIRST You MUST be Verified one of the following ways:

A: I'm a member of several Pre Screening services:
P411 - P20843

B: Two or more Provider References:
    Please give as much info as possible, Her name, phone #, e-mail address, where & when you saw her last,
where you found her ad, and anything that may help her remember you

C: If You Have None of the above:
You must be willing to provide "Real World Info", we Might be able to work something out.
CALL Me for this option.
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